G U.R.U.S – The 5 Step Coaching Model


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Is it wrong for us to want to change the world?

65% of people fail to achieve their goals and if you have ever ‘failed’ at something, you may know how that feels.
Here’s the thing…Together, we will change that.

Our mission is to create a world brimming with passion, fulfilment and connection. We do this by coaching people who are lost, in a rut or in autopilot become passionate, energised and driven individuals.

This book enables you to coach yourself and others to be successful.

The G.U.R.U.S Goal Getting method is a 5 step method that was created after 11 years experience within coaching, leadership and training roles. It utilises a blend of scientific studies and hands on experience to create an engaging, challenging and effective system where you can become the Architect of your own future.

Leaders, Coaches and Goal Getters: Develop your Edge with G.U.R.U.S today.

Get your copy today by clicking here: GURUS